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Boipeba, one of the three main islands of the archipelago Tinharé in Palm Coast, south of Salvador, remains untouched isolated from civilization places atmosphere. Here you can walk for miles of deserted beaches and have the feeling of being the only visitor to the island. Despite belonging to the same muncipio archipelago, the island of Boipeda has its own personality. Aocontrário the neighbor, famous, fashionable and nocturnal vocation Boipeda is quiet and reserved, with the same lush beauty that enchants visitors. The rich nature rainforest, mangroves, white sand beaches, coral reefs, flora and fauna were protected by the creation of APA Tinharé Boipeda in 1992. "Boipeda" is a corruption of the Tupi word "Mboi PEWA" which means snake boring in reference to sea turtles, which were frequent in those beaches ...

Boipeba belongs to the municipality of Cairú, unique archipelago municipality of Brazil with 26 islands in total. The main ones are: Isle of Cairo, the headquarters Tinharé, where the Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba.
In 1992 was created by State Decree No. 1240, the APA Tinharé / Boipeda in the preservation of its rich ecosystem, extensive mangroves, wildlife, beautiful beaches silhouetted by reefs and bars.

Until recently, Boipeda, could keep it incognito, despite all the tourist flow that developed on the neighboring island of Tinharé.
Today, Boipeda became precious destination of tourists seeking beautiful scenery, deserted beaches, lush nature, but with the atmosphere of a lost village in the world. And want to stay that way, sharing with visitors all the beauty that the island offers without losing the air of tranquility and giving attention to the preservation of this paradise.

Praia da Boca da Barra, towards the harbor, climbing a slope or the street in front of the dock, one arrives at the village. The "village" is Old Boipeda site, the main town of the island, founded in 1537 by the Jesuits. Boipeda old is now a large and sleepy main square with a slope that leads to the Church of the Holy Spirit, the seventeenth century and some side streets with local shops, grocery stores, shops selling everything a little, pharmacy and some restaurants.

The side streets it comes to the House of Flour, which is manufactured cassava flour, many families still prepare your meal here, and the tapioca tapioca.

Going up a bit it gets to the hill of Cú Break. They say that the name comes from the boys slid down the hill with planks of cardboard. Worth the climb, the view from up there is spectacular, with the design of the beach and the harbor mouth esqueda, the estuary of the river with its mangrove Hell. The best time is late afternoon at sunset.




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