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The Geographic Hostel is easily located on the island of Boipeba, five minutes from the beach and port, facilitating direct contact with daily life and its friendly native people, without complicated crossings or large hikes for this.

How to get there in Boipeba

The island of Boipeba is located at 180 km south of Salvador, precisely in paradise Coast Palm oil, Cairu municipality, which comprises the islands of Tinharé.

Valença and Morro de Sao Paulo are the main references to arrive 



.:: Land - Sea::.

Salvador - Valencia - Boipeba 
Ferry Boat to Good Order getting there, bus, van or taxi to Valencia (port) and boat to Boipeba. The route Salvador - Boipeba lasts on average 4 hours without stres


.::Land - Sea::. 
Coming by car from the south 
By Br 101, Traverse getting into the 001, going through Camamu, a little before reaching Nilo Peçanha come to Cairu, followed for Torrinhas (road from ground), go until the end. Park the car (parking is confidence) and take a boat or boat to Boipeba. Choosing boat or ship, before combining price. 

.::Sea - Land::.

Salvador - Morro de Sao Paulo - Boipeba 
Catamaran to Morro de Sao Paulo. Already in Morro, get a Toyota Jeep for Boipeba. Arriving at the end, boat or boat to cross to Boipeba, 5 minutes duration. It is rather that adventure!


Geographic Boipeba
Ilha de Boipeba - Bahia - Brasil
Phone : 55 (75) 3653-6104